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Illumicrate vs Fairyloot (March 2021 boxes)

Hey guys, I’m back with month 2 of the Illumicrate vs FairyLoot wars!

This is the March box and I’ll jump straight into the presentation because delivery was covered in my previous post here.


Still no yellow box for Illumicrate, it was brown with yellow Illumicrate tape as you can see by the cover photo. The FairyLoot box was exactly the same as last month.


‘Fighting Spirit’

The first thing I saw at the very top was a pin holder! It’s inspired by ‘The Court of Miracles’ which I haven’t read, the design is not my cup of tea but can see why people like it.

The next thing which was quite bulky in the box was a mug, it looked like this and was inspired by ‘The Dark Artifices’ trilogy. 

The mug was quite small in my opinion, the box was deceiving, and the design wasn’t personally for me but I understand the appeal!

The next thing I picked up was a wooden bookmark which was inspired by ‘Kingdom of the Wicked’. I really enjoyed this book and thought this bookmark was cute.

This necklace you see is inspired by ‘The Bone Witch’ series and the pendant is heavy, proper solid. The chain itself was tiny, barely wrapped around my neck, you’d have to swap the chain out if you’d want to use it.

The third item in that image is the pin which is inspired by the book.

Inspired by ‘Winternight’ is this tote bag. I can’t lie, it’s stunning, so pretty to look at, but not something I would personally use. It’s also quite a small tote bag and the straps were really short.

Finally, the book.

This book is stunning, it has red sprayed edges and the premise sounds amazing. I’m genuinely excited for this book and happy that it was in this box because I’d never heard of it beforehand.

Synopsis here.


Frozen Fables’

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this really cute phone ring holder! I love this, it’s so my style and I’ve already added it to my phone. It was inspired by ‘Winterwood’ which I’d never heard of but very interesting.

So straight away after the ring holder, I saw a mug! This design was way prettier than the Illumicrate one but again, too small in my opinion. There’s a lil snowflake inside and was inspired by ‘The Winternight’ trilogy.

Continuing the frozen theme were these socks. Guys, these socks are TINY. I was genuinely so confused…

After that I pulled out a headband, it’s a silky one so will absolutely slip off your hair if your hair is smooth. It’s inspired by ‘Something dark and holy’, never heard of this book but know there’s been some controversy about the author recently.

There’s also this stunning notebook in here. Plain paged notebook with a beautiful quote on the back which says “A candle unused is nothing but wax and wick. I would rather light the flame knowing it will go out than sit forever in darkness.” This was inspired by ‘Wintersong’ and is honestly so stunning.

The final thing in here aside from the book is this artwork and tarot cards. The artwork is inspired by ‘Spinning Silver’ and the tarot cards are inspired by ‘The Winternight’ trilogy’.

Okay, now for the book

Gorgeous blue sprayed edges that fit the theme perfectly!


With this gorgeous design on the dust jacket.

Synopsis here.


Okay, I’m sorry to say this but FairyLoot does win this month again. They just give you much better options. The only thing aside from the book in Illumicrate that I love is the bookmark.

In FairyLoot I love the notebook, the tarot cards and the phone ring holder, and of course the book.

What do you guys think? Will FairyLoot continue to hold the crown?

If there’s anything you’d love to see in the next comparison, please let me know! 

3 comments on “Illumicrate vs Fairyloot (March 2021 boxes)

  1. You’re first review convinced me to try out the Fairyloot crate as soon as I got the invite, and I just got my first box, and am not disappointed. Thank you so much for doing these comparisons, it definitely showed me which would be more suited to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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