‘Amari and the Night Brothers’ by B.B. Alston

This book.


Let me retell this for you so you can understand the amazing-ness I just read.

So in this book, Amari is a black teen who goes to a majorly white school in the U.S. She doesn’t have come from money, but her older brother had done well. Had moved out and began a new life in a fancy job that he could never talk about.

This was all going well until her brother went missing 6 months ago. Of course, to the police, her brother probably got caught up in something that he shouldn’t have so they’re not going to search too hard for him.

This all changes when she receives a briefcase from her still missing brother explaining that there is more to the world than just her eyes can see. In this briefcase, there is no explanation for where he is but there is an explanation for a school that he had attended. This school is not a normal school.

Do you understand that this school can rival all the magic schools we know about? *hint hint*

But also the actual school itself? Amari navigating the school? Navigating class and race issues? Navigating stupid a** bullies? Navigating this supernatural world which rivals reality, where she is expected to explain that she is supposed to be there? Nah man, this book was wonderful.

I don’t know how B.B. Alston concocted this beauty but that brain of his is a goldmine. I need alllllllll the books he has up in there to be published. It’s simply phenomenal.

I can’t explain enough how this book brings out all the emotions. The main emotion being elation because I spent all the book rooting for Amari. I would fight for her, okay?!

Please just read it, I’ve read 43 books so far this year, you know I’m SJM trash, but Amari takes the number 1 spot.

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