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Illumicrate vs Fairyloot (Feb 2021 boxes)

Hey everyone, a bit of a different post to my usual!

In January I googled Illumicrate vs FairyLoot to understand which subscription box to sign up to. It was such a struggle to even find reviews of the individual boxes month of month so I took to Instagram to create a poll to understand what everyone thought was the superior box…

With over 40 votes, it did not help, here were the results:

So I decided to subscribe to both and create a series of reviews so anyone else who does their googles, can use this to make up their mind too.

A very quick overview:

I signed up to the waitlist for Illumicrate waitlist on 27/11/2020 and received the invitation so subscribe on 25/01/2021, once you receive the invitation, you have 24 hours to subscribe.

I signed up to the waitlist for FairyLoot on 20/10/2020 and received the invitation on 25/01/2021, once you receive the invitation, you have 7 days to subscribe.


FairyLoot used Hermes to deliver my package, and they literally just left it on my doorstep. My sister said they chucked it, if you’re from the UK, you’ll understand that I do not dispute this fact at all.

Illumicrate used Royal Mail to deliver the box and it was actually really nice as the guy who delivered it was my usual delivery man so he knocked and we had a lovely lil convo.


I believe the Illumicrate box is usually yellow but FairyLoot wins this round, simply with the quote on the box and the inside design!

The book bags that the books come in look like this and I think the Illumicrate bag is simply stunning. I can’t get over it.

Okay let’s get into the contents, I’ll start with Illumicrate.


‘The City is Ours’

First thing in there is this Edinburgh print, inspired by The Falconer. Haven’t read it but beautiful nonetheless.

You also get this card holder inspired by N.K. Jemsin’s ‘The City we Became’ which I read last year and is awesome. I have no use for this in my day-to-day but this would be great for going on holiday, when you need something which is small and compact.

The thing which I was most excited about has to be this, the umbrella inspired by ‘Crescent City’. Those of you who read my best books of 2020 understand that this book is up there for me. I can honestly say the quality of this umbrella is better than Primark, but not by much. I know in the wind, this umbrella doesn’t stand a chance, but it is pretty at least.

Inspired by the ‘The Gilded Wolves’ is this decorative plate which is STUNNING. Great for putting trinkets on, I’ll probably use it for jewellery as depicted below.

One of the last things is this coaster inspired by ‘Cemetery Boys’ which is gorgeous and I adoreeee that book. The quote on the coaster is “You don’t need anyone’s permission to be yourself”. Love it, but this is a decorative coaster because as soon as that wood gets wet… It’s over Jackie.

Finally the pin inspired by the book.

And the book itself…

This book is stunning, it has pink sprayed edges, signed in gold and came with some gorgeous artwork of the 4 main characters.

I’d never heard of this book until opening the box but the synopsis is amazing. Link here.


What the Future Holds’

The first thing I pull out of this box is this pillow/cushion case. It’s inspired by ‘Red Rising’ by Pierce Brown which I’ve never read but it’s actually so pretty!

The front and back of the cushion cover

Right after that, I pull out the fairy lights which have got to be one of my favourite things ever. They’re moon-shaped and battery-powered and simply gorgeous. Can’t get over them!

There’s a pin in this box too, inspired by ‘Vicious’ by V.E. Schwab. The quote says “Plenty of humans were monstrous and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human”.

Next item was this beautiful candle, it smells divine. Reminds me of the Twilight shower gel scent from Lush. It’s inspired by ‘The Lunar Chronicles’.

The Tarot Cards were these and were inspired by ‘Spin the Dawn’ by Elizabeth Lim. I believe all FairyLoot boxes have these cards, rotating with each box.

Okay so my fvaourite thing ever. Which is inspired by ‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu and is very apropos especially because post-lockdown here in the UK, I will bring this with me to work etc. is this:

This STUNNING cutlery set. It’s gold plated and also each utensil has a quote from Warcross on them.

So so gorgeous.

Okay, now for the book

Gorgeous pink sprayed edges too but not as chunky as the Illumicrate book. This book is also signed and omg the dust jacket/end pages?


With this gorgeous design on the front cover too, so so pretty.

Synopsis here.


Personally, I think this month the FairyLoot box was much better. So much better! I’ll keep getting both boxes until I have a clear preference, but the upcoming boxes for Illumicrate have me very excited. With one of them looking like a box for ‘Witches Steeped in Gold’.

If there’s anything you’d love to see in the next comparison, please let me know! 

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