‘Jade City’ by Fonda Lee

Okay so first and foremost. WHAT?

No seriously, what?!

I have to stan Fonda Lee so hard. So MFing hard.

So we’re in this fantastical world where Jade can enhance your strength, but only if you’ve been trained as a Jade warrior and can handle the effects of Jade. Normal everyday people haven’t been trained on how to handle Jade and so if used, can suffer from severe side effects.

There are two main clans who are in control of the Jade distribution in Janloon but tensions rise as a new drug hits the city and allows non-Jade warriors to harness Jade and use it at their will.

This book primarily follows the No Peak clan with a newly elected head, Lan, who is trying to navigate having a bloodthirsty brother as his right-hand man while trying to keep the peace between his clan and the Mountain clan. 

This book is a mixture of epic fantasy, betrayal, anger and love. 


I absolutely loved many aspects of this book. Loved the four main characters, Lan, Hilo, Shae and Anden. I related so much to every single one of them, all for different reasons and I literally wanted to cry at some points.

Hilo was my fave, Hilo is BAE. He is a fantastic character because you see him from other perspectives but when the narrative turned to him, you understand his perspective. You see how he actually feels and what his thought process was before making some of his decisions which can seem really rash.

Some parts of the book were predictable, and you could see why some characters were introduced and how they would play a key part in a certain storyline later on.

Overall though, this book was amazing and such a great read. I absolutely adored the concept of this and the execution was divine.

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