From Blood and Ash’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Y’all, this motherfing book.

I’m actually so mad, why didn’t I see that coming? I didn’t see it coming!

Before I fangirl, here’s the synopsis.

So we follow Poppy who is the Maiden. She is not allowed to talk to anyone aside from her maid, her guards and the Ascended. She is being hunted by The Dark One as the followers of The Dark One are looking to overthrow the Ascended and claim back the city.

This book is actually so much more than Romance, the fantasy and world-building were amazing.

I went into this thinking I would not need to focus on the world-building and I was so wrong. It was probably why the first 150 pages took me 2 weeks to read, I was really struggling to understand what was going on because I was here for smut and smut only.

Since we’re talking about smut, HAWKE?! Omg Hawke.

I could insert so many expletives here to describe my love for Hawke, he is just so fineeee.

I actually love Poppy’s strength and badasseryness. She’s a phenomenal protagonist and I actually love her relationship or non-relationship with Hawke.

The twist at the end spun me, the writing was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the execution of this book.

So so phenomenal. Definitely worth the hype.

I am apprehensive of book 2 though, like what will happen next, who is the villain?

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