‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ by Holly Jackson



No seriously, I actually really enjoyed this book.

Definitely for fans of My Favourite Murder (podcast) and The Magpie Society.

This wasn’t an anticipated November read for me and yet this book was still up there!

I had to give this four stars because to put it quite frankly, this book was hilarious and gripping.

Okay, so we follow Pippa, who is in college (UK) and doing her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Which is a project that allows you to write a certain amount of words/make a video etc, about any topic you want.

Pippa decides to base hers on a murder which happened a few years ago, as she thinks the story. isn’t. over.

She’s barred from talking to both families involved in the murder case but decides to plod on without it.

Still, she begins to unravel the mystery, bit by bit and as she does, someone is trying their hardest to keep it hidden. Will she be able to bring the truth the light?

Y’all this book!! 

I absolutely adored the fact that Pippa comes from a mixed household. 

You can tell Holly is a socially aware author because they capture the social judgement that comes with being white, but having a step-dad who is black, perfectly.

I adored Pip so much. I adored Rav so much.

I adored this book soooooo much. 


I went into this book thinking it was an average whodunnit, and in some ways it definitely is. BUT. It is so much more. 

Holly draws you into this book by making the characters so likeable and unlikeable. You have characters who are morally grey and the way Pip’s struggle with those characters is depicted is simply fantastic.

*insert me screaming yassss sis at my screen*

You see Pip struggle with her own social awareness, her own racial blindness and it’s brilliant. So brilliant.

I’m a fan of My Favourite Murder and if you get this book physically, the way the entries are written and switches up from diary entries to the actual book are fun!

I would absolutely recommend this book and it will not leave my shelves!

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  1. I myself loved this book.🍕🌹That’s a great review 🌹

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