‘Spoiler Alert’ by Olivia Dade

Such a great premise!

This book was steamy and mentions fanfics/AO3!!

We follow April, who is a plus-size cosplayer for her favourite tv show. She loves this tv show so much, that she writes fanfics for it under a pseudonym.

We also follow Marcus. Marcus writes fanfics for the show under a pseudonym as well, but the difference is Marcus is the main lead of said show.

April and Marcus, under pseudonyms, beta read each other’s fanfic and have done so for months and months.

Things come to a head when April goes semi-viral for her cosplay, she gets loving comments but also extremely hateful comments. Some people tag Marcus, the main lead in response to the cosplay look as a “haha, look at this fat chick, you’d never date her huh? rofl” which Marcus promptly and publicly denies and actually asks April out on a date.

This book’s entire premise is that Marcus and April know each other, but they don’t know each other.

Marcus learns on the first date April is also his beta reader but does not reveal who he is for the sake of protecting his identity. What ensues is a funny and steamy book to which I devoured in one night. #nojudgementzone

I actually really enjoyed this book, it was hot and definitely had me flipping through the pages soooo fast.

It landed at a 3 because for me, Marcus who is 40, was written like a 25-year-old man. It was hard to get into because I had to keep mentally readjusting his age.

I also think the book could have been way shorter, there were too many filler chapters which were meant to add to the book but actually just made it longer to read and got boring at some points.

To be frank, I seriously did enjoy this book. I’d definitely read some chapters again, but would not re-read the entire book just as there was too much going on.

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