‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue’ by V.E. Schwab

“Books are a way to live a thousand lives.”

I could cry.

I could actually cry.


The writing? Beautiful. 

The plot? Beautiful. 

This bloody book? BEAUTIFUL.

I cannot begin to describe how stunning this book is.

We follow Addie LaRue who is from Villon in France. She is always told one thing, to “never pray to the gods who answer after dark.”.

Addie is a simple girl. She’s born in the 1700s and loves to explore. She wants to explore more than just Villon but when she turns 25, she is pressured to marry the local widower. A man with three children who she will become the mother to if the wedding goes through.

She’s dressed up, ready to walk down the aisle when she decides this is not the life for her. She runs away from the marriage, from her family and from everything she’s ever known. Hides away and prays consistently till nightfall.

A god answers, but of course, it’s a god after dark. They strike up a deal which gives Addie immortality and the ability to explore the world to her heart’s content. The catch is, he gets her soul when she’s done and she’s unable to leave a mark on the world.

No one remembers her, not even her family, she can’t make money, own property or items. She can only live day-to-day and never leave an impression.

This book jumps between multiple timelines, but the prominent one is 300 years later. We see Addie in 2014, living her same life, but mysteriously someone remembers her. A young guy who works at a local bookstore remembers Addie. Thus begins the story of Addie LaRue.

Guys, no seriously. GUYS.

I haven’t read much V.E. Schwab but I have to say, this book was phenomenal.

This is the most exquisite writing I’ve read this year. I cannot believe it. It was poetic and really fricking melancholic.

I caught myself getting sad about something so insignificant in this book, not because of where the plot was going, but solely down to the writing. The writing was so much more poignant than I expected.

I have only one word to describe Addie and that is “determined”. This book shows her determination to live her own life, her own way. It is the epitome of “you made your bed now lie in it” and she does just that.

I adore Addie and I resonate with her so much. I don’t necessarily agree with some of her decisions but she is a character that I relate to so so much. Her drive and determination shine through, despite the fact that no one remembers her and the only person who does is literally the devil. She continues!

The ending? I didn’t cry, I didn’t scream. I understood this is the best ending that we could have landed at but it still FREAKING hurt.

I have to give this book 5/5. There’s no denying that, this book is worth all of that and more. I hope to read more Schwab like this. I completely understand why this took her 6 years to write.

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