‘A Deadly Education’ by Naomi Novik


I’m sorry to say that this felt rushed. It needed another read-along/review. There are some things that contextually didn’t make sense. I was underwhelmed by the execution of this book, and considering I bought this asap, I’m disappointed.

So we follow El (Galadriel) who is a mixed-race badass in a sentient school. There is a school hero she absolutely despises and we follow her reasoning at the start.

The entire premise of this book is that the monsters in this sentient school can kill any of them at any point. The school hero who has been saving them is screwing up the balance in their world just by rescuing them, so the monsters are going hungry.

I have many faults with this book, the school itself could have benefitted from more development. I would have honestly enjoyed it a lot more if the book was 100 pages longer and we actually got to understand the school more as it was quite short.

Orion was a fantastic character and I came to love El when we delved into her psyche more, there’s one scene which absolutely got to me in this book.

The writing was, for lack of better words, discombobulated. It felt rushed and some sentences just felt like the grammar was off. Again, this would have benefited from more time and a thorough review of the writing.

I actually really enjoyed the premise of this book and as far as dark academia, this was an enthralling concept. Again, the execution was lacking and I’m hoping that this was because the world-building gets better as the series goes on.

I probably won’t continue with the series.

—— spoilers ahead ——

The big plot holes is the graduation ceremony. Can someone articulate to me how the cellar (where the “graduation ceremony” is held) needs fixing, but it’s never free from the monsters enough to risk fixing it? Yet after graduation is the best time to have the induction ceremony for the freshman students as the cellar is the clearest, YET THEY CAN’T FIX IT THEN?!

No words. We needed more

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