‘Cinderalla is Dead’ by Kalynn Bayron


“Do not be silent. 

Raise your voice. 

Be a light in the dark.”

This was 389 pages of pure enjoyment. I can’t even.

Okay so firstly, I love Sophia. A strong-willed, black, lesbian. YES. 

I actually loved a few characters. I seriously loved the way KB portrayed everyone, it was fun but also such a page-turner.

We follow Sophia, 200 years after Cinderella is dead, living in Lille where Cinderella’s story is the Bible. You must read it every day and live in the way she lived to find a suitor as she did with Prince Charming.

Women are taught to be seen and not heard, to wear dresses and be clean. They are taught that the man is the head of any household and any money made must go to him. They are taught that being picked the annual ball is a privilege and one they should spend their entire life working towards.

Now you see Sophia… Sophia’s against alla that because she is in love with her “friend” Erin. Sophia has to attend the ball, under the command of the king because if she doesn’t, she and her family will be shamed and she will be “forfeit”.

But y’all… this was a fun sapphic romance with adventure and enjoyment. I read through the first 200 pages without batting an eyelid, I was that invested.

The writing was fun and compelling, and this book intrigued the hell out of me. I seriously could not put it down. 

There was so much to enjoy and the final showdown didn’t disappoint. It was wrapped up nicely but also filled with so many reasons why I loved the characters the way I did.

Yes, this book was definitely a 4/5 and for a standalone book? This was excellent!

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