‘Orange’ by Ichigo Takano


My first 5 star read of my October books so far.

This book was genius. The concept was unique and actually exciting.

We follow Naho who wakes up one day and receives a letter from her self 10 years into the future. The letter predicts things that happen that day, such as a new boy starting, waking up late for school etc.

Naho is a bit dubious, but as the letters go on, she receives a warning from her future self to take care of the new boy who starts school in her class and so she starts to believe.

As these letters develop, you actually comprehend the breadth of Ichigo’s pure genius. My God. There was so much substance and multiple levels of plot in this one book. It was cute in some parts and actually dark in others.

You adore Naho but you come to want to protect the new transfer student even more.

There’s no way for me to not spoil this book, other than just saying you need to read it. It was fantastic. 10/10 would absolutely recommend.

Special shout out to my boyfriend for gifting this to me for our anniversary.

Buy Orange here:



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