‘Aru Shah and the End of Time’ by Roshani Chokshi


“A particularly good book had a way of opening new spaces in one’s mind.”

This was my first ever time reading a Roshani Chokshi book and I was not disappointed. I know there’s a lot of buzz around her other books, specifically ‘The Gilded Wolves’.

I decided to start with a book which is part of the Rick Riordan presents series. I loved Paola Santiago, devoured Tristan Strong and so it was only right to explore Aru Shah.

First things first, I love Aru with all of my being. I feel like in some other world, I am Aru. She just wants her mum’s attention and to be part of the rich kids’ clique at her prestigious school.

She lives in the apartment above the museum with her mum who consistently travels. I must admit the entire concept of living at a museum with artefacts sounds fantastic.

She’s forced to show a couple of the school bullies the cursed artefact that Aru has previously told them about. Aru is a dreamer, she concocts stories in her head to escape her boring reality, little does she know the liveliest adventure is literally around the corner.

On this adventure, Aru will figure out who her father is, who her family are and will be claimed by a god. There is something about this story which tugs at the heartstrings because Aru is so likeable and just wants to be liked. 

I did get emotional, I can’t even lie.

There’s something about Aru on her adventure in her Spiderman PJs, dealing with lively characters that just had me rooting for her all the way. 

No guys I can’t explain how much this world is built phenomenally. The mythology? The different universes? Just everything? Fantastic.

-1 star as it felt at times that a lot was going on, I was struggling sometimes to understand what scene/artefact or part of the adventure we were on.

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Scholastic (UK)

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