‘The Magpie Society: One For Sorrow’ by Zoe Sugg, Amy McCulloch


Okay, where to start? I hadn’t realised how this book would pan out. I love a good whodunnit it though so here are my thoughts.

Audrey is the American new girl in a British private boarding school. She’s rich and on the first day meets Ivy, her roommate. Her first meeting with Ivy doesn’t go so well and then she hears about the infamous but dead Lola, who lived in the room she’s currently boarding at and passed away last year.

Audrey is lovable, she’s cute and though spoilt, is making her way through life trying to learn again after a tragic accident which happened in her home town of Georgia. Ivy though, it felt like she was jumping from one personality to the other.

A new podcast is created which sends things spinning in Illumen Hall, a podcast called ‘Who Killed Lola’ with an unknown voice narrating it and Ivy needs to get to the bottom of this on the request of her headmistress.

I actually enjoyed this book overall, the setting of this book makes it perfect for Halloween/Fall. I do have to say though, this is more tween than young adult, I think I would have enjoyed it more at 12/13. The writing was fun, the cultural references to Hamilton and Extinction Rebellion gave me a chuckle.

After the introduction, you meet Clover. CLOVER IS BAE.

I loved Clover, I hope book 2 is from Clover’s perspective. A young black girl who doesn’t take any bs from anyone? YASSSSSSSS.

The storyline? At times predictable, but the ending got so exciting that I needed to know, I was speedreading to get my answers. I had answers to all the questions guys, all of them… Now I must wait for book 2.

The relationships/lack of, made this book a bit disjointed. It did feel like high school, jumping from one friendship group to another but I wanted more drama or more of a love interest. I was actually shipping the main two after the boat scene.

A lil sapphic romance doesn’t hurt anyone, ya hear?

On the other hand, the way the Podcasts were written and introduced, added a whole new level to the whodunnit. The mystery was kept alive through the podcast, as a fan of My Favourite Murder, I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect. I looked forward to a chapter which started off with WKL.

The number of guesses I had? The number of plot guesses I rewrote. You need to see my notebook…

A solid effort from both and I expect book 2 to be of a higher standard than this one.

*Thank you to Penguin Random House Children’s UK Publishers via NetGalley for the e-ARC of this book!*

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