September Wrap Up

Okay I cannot believe this is my wrap up from September. What an amazing month (pretends not to have fought through 2 reading slumps)!

I, of course, had my favourites. Some of which I re-read twice. Also Happy Latinx Heritage month!

I’m extremely proud of these stats, and the fact I can pick up this many Authors of Colour.

Books read – 12
Page count – 4200
Authors of Colour – 9/12 (75%)
Average rating – 3.9

My favourite book of the month was Raybearer. Absolutely no surprises there.

My favourite of these four books is Paola. I have a whole blog post dedicated to Paola coming soon, but I just resonate so much with her. Also, I love reading folklore which isn’t just Greek gods etc, this Rick Riordan series is LIT.

My favourite book in this group is….. RAYBEARER. Hahahahahaha, surprise right? NOT. I rave and rant about this book everywhere, I love it so much. It’s so beautiful, so unique and gut-wrenching at times. I need number 2 NOW.

Okay, my favourite here is… The City we Became. HEAR ME OUT. Slay in your lane was phenomenal, it was thought-provoking and even caused my (quite embarrassing) emotional breakdown in front of my manager.

But TCWB transfixed me, it took me to another world. It made me angry and made me laugh, I just can’t believe the sheer genius of the TCWB. I gave it -1 star for writing, but had a major realisation while writing my review for it, read my blog post to find out why.

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