‘Follow Me to Ground’ by Sue Rainsford



In a house in a wood, Ada and her father live peacefully, tending to their garden and the wildlife in it. They are not human though. Ada was made by her father from the Ground, a unique patch of earth with birthing and healing properties. Though perhaps he didn’t get her quite right. They spend their days healing the local human folk – named Cures – who visit them, suspiciously, with their ailments.

When Ada embarks on a relationship with a local Cure named Samson, and is forced to choose between her old life with her father, and a new one with her human lover. Her decision will uproot the town – and the Ground itself – for ever.

A poised and simmering tour-de-force, Follow Me to Ground is a sinister vision of desire and freewill, voiced in earthy prose and eviscerating detail by an astoundingly original new writer.


I…. What did I just read?

This was a book sale pick up, it was shiny and had (what I thought was) a spelling mistake – my brain convinced me that I had to have it.

But… but… this book.

It was dark, twisted, Ground is a proper noun. Ground is real. What is Ground?

This was short and twisting, I still don’t know how to feel after it. I want to read more though? WTF

I don’t want to reveal anymore but Ada, I was rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!

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