‘Get a Life, Chloe Brown’ by Talia Hibbert



Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek with a goal, a plan, and a list. After almost—but not quite—dying, she’s come up with seven directives to help her “Get a Life”, and she’s already completed the first: finally moving out of her glamorous family’s mansion. The next items?

• Enjoy a drunken night out.
• Ride a motorbike.
• Go camping.
• Have meaningless but thoroughly enjoyable sex.
• Travel the world with nothing but hand luggage.
• And… do something bad.

But it’s not easy being bad, even when you’ve written out step-by-step guidelines. What Chloe needs is a teacher, and she knows just the man for the job: Redford ‘Red’ Morgan.

With tattoos and a motorbike, Red is the perfect helper in her mission to rebel, but as they spend more time together, Chloe realises there’s much more to him than his tough exterior implies. Soon she’s left wanting more from him than she ever expected . . . maybe there’s more to life than her list ever imagined?



Wow, Talia grips you from the beginning. I sympathise with Chloe. I hate her. I love her. I want to be her.

I sincerely appreciate how Chloe is written, chronic pain is excruciating and not easy to describe at all but how it’s been depicted in this book? Fantastic. You can tell Talia knows what she’s talking about.

She also isn’t typical, she’s not the black best friend depicted in Hollywood (you know exactly which archetype I’m talking about), she was funny, reserved but also confident, she came from money but wanted to make her own way. She suffers almost daily but will still rescue a cat from up a tree.

Red was steamy, he wasn’t the classic protagonist that you’d expect to see in a book. A skinny ginger artist who manages the building Chloe lives in? Who swears like a sailor but loves so deeply and with his entire being.

How can one book put me through the wringer like this? It was beautifully written. I rarely see black protagonists written like this, I also cannot stress how absolutely steamy the scenes in this book are… I had to re-read them over and over because it made me so tingly.

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