‘Clap When You Land’ by Elizabeth Acevedo


I think it’s worth noting that Acevedo is a poet and this book is written in verse.

I’m not too much a fan of poetry but I can appreciate this book and the beautiful way it’s written. I listened to the audiobook and read the eBook at the same time. Acevedo herself narrates one of the two main characters.

When reading this book, it’s crazy that the most tragic thing happens in the beginning. The loss is paramount in the beginning but the sheer way Acevedo brings us back to the pain consistently? Phenomenal.

The way this was written was beautiful, the loss, the gain. The entire premise. I am Yahaira, I am Camino. I want to give them my all, I want to pull them in and tell them it’s going to be okay. I want to calm the Yahaira and Camino parts of me and tell them it all works out in the end.

This is a solid 5/5. I need to read more Acevedo.

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